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Investor Relations and Investment Advisory Consultant
Location:  Homeworking     Salary:   £400 - £600 per day

NSCG is currently working with a large, listed consumer/retail client that is looking to bring definition and formal identity to the way it handles investor relations-ahead of some exciting growth activity ahead, and therefore is looking to build an in-house IR function.

At present, all matters and communications relating to IR are handled by their finance/marketing functions internally and PR agencies externally. Moving forward the business wishes to build more rigour around how they release financial data, how they brief analysts and the stock exchange, how they manage the flow of info to the markets and shareholders, how they manage their relationship with bankers and how they build safeguards and strategy for handling financial crises of the future.

In addition, the other important part to this role is 'investment-advisory' and this person's capability to handle complex conversions with investment advisors, assess investment opportunities for risk/ suitability and be able to report your discoveries to the board. To that end and to capture what we need, we feel that this role requires a rather deep financial background and experience in investment management, perhaps achieved as a CFO or investment banker

So in summary, we are looking for a either a skilled Investor Relations consultant with extensive experience in dealing with investment advisory firms, or a qualified Chartered Accountant/CFA and a former (or current) interim CFO for listed companies, or an investment banker.

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