CONSULTANT DIRECTOR – SME Group Chairman/CEO potential

CMR is a globally-based consultancy business especially dealing with small to medium-sized companies and entrepreneurs (SMEs). We have senior executives throughout the world – they are all highly experienced director-level executives who now apply their skills and experience to helping smaller businesses to prosper and grow. Every client we have is unique with different opportunities and problems to deal with. CMR Consultant Directors need to have the special ability and personal gravitas to quickly assess client situations from both a business and entrepreneurial viewpoint – and then to advise the client on the best way forward.

We have a continuous inflow of new clients from every major world country. Most are SMEs looking for funding support from our substantial bank of private investors. Sometimes the funding is sought to enable faster growth or to help launch innovative new products and ideas – sometimes it’s to help an existing business overcome troubles. Whatever the reasons, we have to make a quick (and accurate) assessment of the client’s situation, then recommend and discuss the best ways forward – then work with the client to achieve a successful outcome. Sometimes this is on a consultancy basis, but other times it may be more appropriate to become integrally involved through executive or non-exec director appointments with the client company on either an interim or permanent basis.

CMR provides a wide range of essential services to the business community. In the post Covid-19 era, one particularly important and unique-to-CMR facility are CMR Catalyst Groups™, bringing smaller companies into larger managed group structures – enabling survival, significant profit increases, much higher growth rates and general stability. During difficult economic times, this is the only way that many SMEs will survive and grow. We are especially interested in attracting top-level executives who have the personal gravitas and high-level business experience to act as Group Chairman and/or CEO of these CMR Catalyst Groups™. They are called Catalyst Groups because CMR is the catalyst making it happen.

The global market for CMR’s services is unlimited – there are so many smaller companies and entrepreneurs who lack the depth of management and business experience needed to be truly successful. Many such companies that initially fail to attract investment do actually have something worthwhile – but do not have the business knowledge or experience to know how best to overcome difficulties and develop profitably. That is the essential facility CMR and its executives provide – our Consultant Directors are effectively using their own experience and skills acquired over the years to now help those smaller companies to develop and grow – using CMR’s global network of resources in the process. In many cases, external funding is not possible or even appropriate – but there are often other and better routes forward. However, a client’s desire for funding is often the initial door-opener for us to develop business in many directions with them.

Working with CMR is particularly appropriate and rewarding for seasoned senior, director-level executives who wish to further develop their career as an independent consultant or business adviser in conjunction with a major international organisation. CMR is success-driven and it is important to note that there are no salaries in CMR – everyone earns from a majority share (75% to 92.5% depending on circumstances) of fees received from clients. Very high earnings are possible – usually from the consultancy and success fees charged to clients for achieving successful outcomes. Success fees can also include share equity.

So in summary, if you have real talent and you want to use your skills in an entrepreneurial way and be financially independent – then CMR could be right for you – and vice-versa. If you feel comfortable with our modus operandi, and meet the requirement for great senior-level experience and personal gravitas – and if the general philosophies expounded feel right to you, then please do apply to us. We currently have more clients approaching us than we have executives to handle.

To continue our global expansion and growth we need more highly experienced executive expertise from all industries and disciplines – in all major global markets, UK & Europe, North & South America, Asia, Middle East, Australasia and Africa. One of CMR’s major strengths is our ability to provide clients – wherever they are – with real expertise in every aspect of business. As a CMR Executive, you will be notified of all new clients globally – and have the opportunity to contribute your skills in handling them to a successful outcome.

Please read our website thoroughly and if you believe you have the high level of qualities we seek, and are both suited to and desire an independent non-corporate employee life style – then please click the 'Apply now' button. After reviewing your CV/resume we will be in contact with you as appropriate, to further discuss our business model and its suitability for you.

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