Customer Engagement Group Member

  • c. £450 per day
  • Manchester, Greater Manchester (GB)

The Company

Electricity North West (ENWL) owns and operates the electricity distribution network, connecting the homes and business of the North West to the dynamic electricity industry in Great Britain. ENWL serves approximately 5 million customers, from the smallest household to the largest business, and all depend on ENWL to provide a reliable electricity supply 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The electricity industry is going through a period of unprecedented change as the way we make and use electricity radically changes. ENWL is keen to ensure that the benefits and opportunities from these changes are maximised to meet the needs and wants of customers now and into the future.

Customer Engagement Group (CEG)

ENWL is establishing a Customer Engagement Group, an independent body working at arms length from the business.  A Chair has recently been appointed and senior experts in specific fields are now sought to provide strategic scrutiny and challenge to ENWLs business planning process.  The Group members will play a vital role supporting and scrutinising how ENWL engage with customers and stakeholders as they enable the transition of the North West to a low carbon energy economy. The Group may also be asked to provide independent assurance of key decisions ENWL make as they choose new solutions to the challenges facing the distribution network.

CEG members

ENWL is seeking a number of committed individuals who can help ensure the voices of customers and stakeholders inform and shape their business planning and decision making processes. Specific expertise will be held in one of the following areas:

  1. Consumer Market Research (ref IDBB6066). A leading expert in quantitative market research techniques, ideally with an appreciation of regulated markets/sectors.  The role will scrutinise the range and appropriateness of market research which ENWL develops and deploys to understand consumer needs and wants. Knowledge of ‘willingness to pay’ studies would be an advantage. 
  2. Engineering and Technical Operation of Electrical Systems (ref IDBB6067). A senior, respected figure in electrical engineering from an industrial and/or academic background.  The role will provide expert challenge around technical issues which form such a key aspect of ENWL’s strategic and planning process (including environmental issues and decarbonisation). 
  3. Regulatory Economics and Business Finance (Infrastructure company focus) (ref IDBB6068). Depth of expertise in regulatory economics from an infrastructure perspective. This will come from outside the energy sector in order to bring a fresh approach and challenge, such as a utility (e.g. water), aviation, telecoms, etc. The role will offer specific advice and challenge in regard to engaging with the regulator along with adding value around issues and methodologies for regulatory economics.
  4. Energy Sector Structure (ref IDBB6062). A high profile figure with extensive, senior experience in the energy industry. The role will provide broad based challenge and expertise to the group with a key focus on appreciating the range and roles of key stakeholders and customers with whom ENWL should be engaging. 

Time commitment – 1 to 2 days a month. This may increase from 2020 to approx. 3 or 4 days per month.

Please apply to Warren Partners, with your CV and covering note quoting the relevant reference number.  You can also email Iain Brockbank at or alternatively telephone +44 (0) 845 261 0600.