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Interim Finance Director
Location:  England, South East England     Salary:   Negotiable

Leading a Finance Team of 7, the Finance Director will oversee and actively participate in all financial aspects of company strategy. The FD will have responsibility for the flow of financial information to the Managing Director, the Board, the parent company's Board and, where necessary, external parties such as banks, investors, financial institutions and trading partners.

In terms of the specific responsibilities, the Finance Director will:

        • Protect the interests of the shareholders.
        • Ensure that the regulatory requirements of all statutory bodies are met regarding the company's financial affairs.
        • Actively participate in the strategic planning vision/process, exercising a balance between creativity and risk-averseness, while guarding the company's commercial strategy.
        • Be a dependable business partner to the MD on the basis of informed, coordinated, financial planning and related on-going advice.
        • Formulate financial targets and budgets in accordance with the strategy determined by the Board.
        • Actively seek to resolve the company's capital finance requirements having regard to:
          • The business development forecast;
          • Cash and debt flow projections;
          • Bids and tenders made/accepted;
          • Tax liabilities and reclaims; and,
          • Merger and/or acquisition opportunities/propositions, etc.
        • Overall responsibility for:
          • The Company's accounting and reporting functions;
          • All financial transactions and accountancy matters;
          • Hedging and foreign exchange;
          • Systems and procedures to facilitate audit;
          • Prompt preparation of both monthly management accounts and the annual accounts for audit;
          • Credit control and debt collection;
          • Payroll administration;
          • Stock control, valuations, write downs/offs, etc;
          • Asset registers;
          • All insurance policies;
          • Tax compliance and IP/Patent Box tax claims, utilising tax specialists if necessary;
          • The financial administration of customers' contract
          • Embed a performance culture within the Accounts Department to enable it to meet both its performance obligations and to provide timely and accurate management information.

The suitable candidate for this assignment will have:

  • Significant experience as Finance Director of a company (recorded by Companies House) of substantial size and complexity.
    • A manufacturing environment;
    • Annual turnover no less than £25 million;
    • International sales; and,
    • 50+ project-based P&L's being run simultaneously.
  • Extensive experience in increasingly senior management roles within one company or several companies.
  • Experience of managing professional staff.
  • Knowledge and experience of a manufacturing business structured around Individual Project P&Ls.
  • Working knowledge of SAP Business One.
  • A working knowledge of the compliance requirements required by the ISO9001/14001 standards.
  • Already obtain or be eligible for UK Security Clearance to minimum SC level.
  • Customer focussed - displays pro-active approach to meeting both internal and external customer needs.
  • Results-focussed - strong desire to achieve results and works hard to reach goals and targets.
  • Seeks to achieve results which enhance business success.
  • Flexibility - display versatility and adaptability.
  • Identify need for change, develops new ideas, encourage and support innovation.
  • React positively and with enthusiasm to change and improvement.
  • Capability to achieve results and manage workload even at peak of pressure.
  • Integrity and morality - act with scrupulous honesty with customers, colleagues, and suppliers and everyone else in the workplace with whom contact is made.
  • Communication and listening - strong interpersonal skills; the appropriate use of written, oral, non-verbal and listening skills, with an ability to persuasively impart information and pick up on underlying messages.
  • Superior planning and organisation skills.
  • Problem solving - displays logic, creativity and pragmatism in resolving problems, requiring little supervision and using disciplined problem-solving methods.
  • Adaptability - the ability to react to different circumstances whilst maintaining composure and focus on objectives; can be relied upon in tough situations and is able to constructively challenge the status quo to facilitate appropriate change.
  • Be a strong team player with the ability to recognise and manage the team dynamic; demonstrates the ability to understand others motivations and actively assess their strengths and weaknesses, is aware of others workloads and responds accordingly.

**Please note that if you are not an established FD, from within a manufacturing organisation, you will not be considered**

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