Regional Managing Director

The Institute of Microtraining (IOM) has superb opportunities for individuals that have entrepreneurial spirit. IOM is launching its UK operations under the auspices of a franchise system and this means that getting in at the ground floor will give you access to some of the best opportunities as you will be working with the launch team. 

The Institute of Microtraining was established in 2010 and has traded successfully across Europe for the last six years. Its combination of micro learning units delivered in bite sized instructor led classes and mobile learning has been appreciated by corporate clients where cost and time are equally important factors when implementing system wide training programmes. IOM delivers corporate programmes of the highest quality with measurable outcomes which means that success is monitored and achieved.

Your Profile: 

  • Senior commercial management experience – suited to a career change
  • Corporate environment or consulting
  • Self-motivated
  • Persuasive communicator
  • Passionate about helping others

Your Tasks:

  • Build relationships within the corporate L&D sector
  • Lead/manage your own business
  • Negotiate contracts with clients 
  • Promote the Institute of Microtraining system at all times
  • Develop and build your business network of corporate trainers

Strong Systems: 

  • Advanced support and training for individuals seeking a career change
  • Proven system with innovative concepts
  • Real work life balance
  • Low overheads/Lean business model – up and ready in less than 30 days
  • Access to the Institute of Microtraining network of specialist trainers

Franchising is a great way to get into business for yourself and if you are considering a new opportunity, you will find that it gives you the freedom and benefits that come with success. For as little as £29,000 you can be part of a great system that will help you make those first steps and offer continued support.

To find out if this is something that suits you and your personality please follow the link and we’ll send you some further information about the innovative training methods and your earnings prospects.

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