Kramer Westfield

Contact: Mr Graham Nockels

The Granary
Hone's Yard
1 Waverley Lane
United Kingdom

Tel: 01344 875087

About Kramer Westfield

What we do

Market specialisation is key to what we do. 90% of our work comes from what is broadly termed Technology Services. We believe specialisation allows us to understand your business quickly and to build networks of contacts and candidates to be able to more rapidly fill your requirements.  Clients range from major corporates to fledgling start-ups.

Take on challenges: sometimes clients have other divisions that fall outside Technology Software and Services. Or sometimes our HR contacts move to totally different sectors. When ‘challenging’ roles come up, perhaps where existing suppliers have failed, clients trust us we get involved.   The client benefits from a fresh pair of professional eyes, we get the chance to learn about new sectors and can apply this learning elsewhere. A combination of best practice and commitment goes a long way – in our case, train manufacturing, smart grids, marketing communications companies and a number of others.

What makes us special

Commitment. Look, we want to invest time to understand your business and your needs. That means we want to invest your time and ours in getting to a position where we can do a great job for you. If you want to throw us a job spec and go from there, you are probably on the wrong page. 

Kramer Westfield has handled a huge range of recruitment challenges and has learned how versatility across functional areas combined with sector expertise can be a huge value to clients. We have a number where we have developed a partnership over many years. Real payback can be achieved when trusted relationships are forged.

So what you get is a company of real experience – 70+ years of understanding clients’ needs


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