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  • retirees

    The retirees heading back to work

    • 14 Feb 2023
    • Anjli Raval

    Neil retired in September. Age 70 and from Norfolk, he was deputy manager of a motor factor business, supplying car parts and accessories to garages. After working since he was 17, and deferring retirement for six years, he had decided it was finally time.

  • talent wars

    Talent wars: why businesses have to battle to hire the best

    • 27 Dec 2022
    • Anjli Raval

    Fraser Gough could not believe his luck. Earlier this year the 23-year-old, who works in digital marketing in London, was contacted by a recruiter on the professional networking website LinkedIn to see if he would be interested in a job at Clearpay, a payments company.

  • Working from home debates must include what ‘home’ actually is

    • 8 Nov 2022
    • Emma Jacobs

    Coming down with Covid was an unlikely source of relief last week. I did not have to weigh up whether to venture out to the 40C streets of London with my laptop on my back to get to the prize: an air-conditioned office.

  • future of hiring

    The future of hiring is all about skills

    • 4 Oct 2022
    • Isabel Berwick, Sophia Smith

    I’ve been thinking a lot about age, and ageing, at work.

  • save the planet

    Jobs that will help save the planet

    • 19 Jul 2022
    • Alexandra Heal

    Evelina Olago spent her childhood in both Kenya and Ukraine, and it was the stark contrast she observed in the two countries’ economic development that inspired her career.

  • future of work

    The future of work

    • 5 Jul 2022
    • Emma Jacobs

    An insurance worker recently described to me his lockdown epiphany: he loved spending time with his two young children during the working week. So he adjusted his hours; now, he starts early so he can pick them up from nursery, make dinner and put them to bed. “As bad as the pandemic has been,” he said, “it’s forced us to think of life in different ways.”

  • redesigning work

    Redesigning Work — what next for the office?

    • 14 Jun 2022
    • Kevin Ellis

    It’s always interesting when the future catches up with past predictions.

  • greedy work

    Claudia Goldin: ‘Greedy work has been made less greedy’

    • 17 May 2022
    • Claudia Goldin

    This is part of a series, ‘Economists Exchange’, featuring conversations between top FT commentators and leading economists about the coronavirus economic recovery.

  • freelancers

    Contractors in UK can escape tax if new hiring rules are misapplied

    • 10 May 2022
    • Emma Agyemang, Global Tax Correspondent

    Tens of thousands of freelancers working in the UK private sector are entitled to reclaim all the tax they have paid if their hirer misapplies new rules governing payment of contractors, the tax authority has admitted.

  • characters working on laptops

    Remote work: how Ireland’s tax laws clash with new reality

    • 14 Dec 2021
    • Jude Webber

    Regulations due to be reimposed next year could end homeworking for cross-border staff employed by Northern Irish companies.

  • Taking the Pulse of UK PLC - a recruiter's view

    • 6 Jun 2018
    • Laura Paterson, Cedar Recruitment

    Post-Brexit, is the market really that buoyant? Here’s the view of CEO of Cedar Recruitment, Howard Bentwood.

  • How to live Danishly, but without moving to Denmark

    • 10 Dec 2017
    • Robert Baker

    Most of us now consider work-life balance more important than salary in defining our job and life satisfaction.

  • Hire Power – How to use Strategic Resourcing to Sharpen Your Competitive Edge

    • 29 Nov 2017
    • Alastair Blair

    Hire Power will get CEOs thinking and is essential reading for everyone along the recruitment industry supply chain who wants to understand the challenges that a head of resourcing faces.

  • Maximise the power of your professional network and unlock your career potential

    • 17 Nov 2017
    • Mike Trollope

    Today’s finance jobs market is highly competitive. And if you are already well on your way to ascending the career ladder, the chances are that despite your impressive CV, on paper you probably tick just as many boxes as your equally qualified counterparts.

  • UK Businesses Must Step Up Their Recruitment Game To Win Top Talent

    • 17 Oct 2017
    • Mike Trollope

    There is a national skills shortage in the UK, especially the senior end of the finance sector. UK businesses must, therefore up their game if they want to recruit the best people.

  • In-House or Rec-Con – what does the future hold?

    • 5 Oct 2017
    • James Dunne

    In-house has come on in leaps and bounds, but are recruitment consultancies more likely to be more useful in the long term?

  • Keeping Recruitment Simple

    • 30 Aug 2017
    • James Dunne

    Not everything old is bad, not everything modern is good. Recruitment ought to be kept as simple as possible!

  • The future of Finance at Transport for London

    • 9 Aug 2017

    TfL is facing a period of unprecedented financial challenge. Join us and shape the way we work.

  • Getting senior management to buy into procurement.

    • 31 Jul 2017
    • Fabienne Lesbros

    Getting senior management to buy into procurement

  • Now this is an interesting approach to recruitment and customer service

    • 18 Jul 2017
    • Alastair Blair

    Now this is an interesting approach to recruitment and customer service, Peace Recruitment's new website.