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  • older workers

    Where have all the older workers gone and will they ever come back?

    • 20 Sep 2022
    • Pilita Clark

    Not that long ago I found myself at a lunch in the middle of London where a well known British business figure said something unexpected about the menace of rising inflation.

  • perils

    The perils of overlooking women of a certain age

    • 6 Sep 2022
    • Pilita Clark

    Around this time last year, a British woman named Nicky Clark was getting ready to do something that middle-aged women did in droves during the pandemic: quit.

  • sibling rivalries

    Sibling rivalries, spousal squabbles — it’s great to be back in the office

    • 30 Aug 2022
    • Emma Jacobs

    After almost two years of working at home with my family, it’s good to finally spend quality time with my office relatives.

  • what to wear

    The worry of what to wear to work is shifting

    • 7 Jun 2022
    • Pilita Clark

    If you were about to head off to your first in-person business conference in two years, what would you want to know?

  • Take long lunches, go home at four: tips for the modern boss

    • 8 Apr 2020

    Simon Kuper on how a new generation of CEOs has a different approach to life at the top

  • Would making salaries public help end disparities?

    • 8 Apr 2020

    Advocates for pay transparency say it would close the gender pay gap

  • Coronavirus may create lasting workplace change

    • 1 Apr 2020
    • Andrew Hill and Emma Jacobs

    Business leaders are thinking creatively to adapt to the evolving crisis

  • UK boardroom diversity improves but top jobs remain elusive

    • 8 Nov 2019
    • Cat Rutter Pooley

    With only five female chief executives in the FTSE 100, Britain lags behind France

  • Boss-less business is no workers’ paradise

    • 24 Oct 2019
    • Alicia Clegg

    Greater autonomy is a good thing but how well do truly democratic workplaces function?

  • Smart people understand why it pays to swear at work

    • 24 Sep 2019
    • Pilita Clark

    Researchers say people who swear can seem more honest, credible and persuasive

  • Investing in our Young Will Create a Better Workplace

    • 20 Feb 2019

    Investing in future generations of employees is crucial for the future say employers at the latest ‘The Future of the Workplace’ event held in Peterborough on the 24th January 2019.

  • How to manage the gig economy’s growing global jobs market

    • 21 Jan 2019
    • Sarah O’Connor

    Platforms focus on remote service sector work — think of eBay for human labour

  • Britain should recognise the value of low-paid workers

    • 21 Jan 2019
    • Sarah O’Connor

    The Brexit debate assumes that only highly skilled job vacancies need to be filled

  • Why women who go to university are winning

    • 21 Jan 2019
    • Sarah O’Connor

    The options for bright female non-graduates look worse than for comparably smart men

  • Workplace exhaustion is a vicious cycle in the UK

    • 12 Nov 2018
    • Sarah O’Connor

    Britons work harder and faster than French and Germans yet productivity is lower

  • Battle to recruit ESG specialists intensifies

    • 12 Nov 2018
    • Jennifer Thompson

    Applications are up but the right skills are hard for funds to find

  • Rising number of bankers switch to careers in private equity

    • 12 Nov 2018
    • Javier Espinoza

    Study finds uptick in job moves despite marginally lower average pay

  • Hedge funds fight back against tech in the war for talent

    • 17 Sep 2018
    • Lindsay Fortado

    Industry appeals to graduates with Silicon Valley-style perks — and big bonuses

  • Ghosting has glided into the workplace

    • 17 Sep 2018
    • Pilita Clark

    Companies making job offers find some candidates abruptly disappear without trace

  • AI risks replicating tech’s ethnic minority bias across business

    • 15 Aug 2018
    • Aliya Ram

    Diverse workforce essential to combat new danger of ‘bias in, bias out’