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  • age of uncertainty

    The age of uncertainty for CEOs

    • 6 Dec 2022
    • Anjli Raval

    The chief executives of some of Europe’s top companies are on the way out. In recent weeks there has been a flurry of departures from the C-suite.

  • Enver Solomon

    Refugee Council’s Enver Solomon: ‘Leadership is something you’re constantly trying to improve’

    • 29 Nov 2022
    • Michael Skapinker

    Since Enver Solomon became chief executive of the Refugee Council in December 2020, Kabul has fallen to the Taliban and Russia has invaded Ukraine, both provoking a flood of refugees.

  • middle managers

    Middle managers — on the new front line of office life

    • 22 Nov 2022
    • Emma Jacobs

    In her middle manager role, Catherine says she has experienced “more pressure” since the start of the pandemic than ever before.

  • side gig

    Does your boss need to know about your side hustle?

    • 1 Nov 2022
    • Isabel Berwick, Sophia Smith

    Having a side job outside of your nine-to-five is not simply a matter of extra time and energy. You’ll also have to determine when to disclose your new endeavour to your boss — if your company allows you to pursue it at all.

  • executive coach

    Why an executive coach is now a must-have for CEOs

    • 25 Oct 2022
    • Emma Jacobs

    Leading a company “can be a lonely place”, observes the chief executive of a British retail chain, who wants to remain anonymous. “But this was magnified further during the pandemic.”

  • office return stalls

    Office return stalls as UK staff cling to flexible working

    • 18 Oct 2022
    • Daniel Thomas, Ella Hollowood, Kate Beioley, Stephen Morris

    The return of workers to offices in the UK has stalled for the first time since the easing of Covid-19 restrictions, sparking frustration among some bosses even as their staff welcome new policies of hybrid working.

  • civil servants

    Civil servants under pressure to get back to desks

    • 27 Sep 2022
    • George Parker

    Ministers have been told to increase pressure on UK civil servants to return to their desks, as the revolution in Whitehall’s post-Covid working patterns in the era of flexible working has become clear.

  • seven lessons

    Seven lessons from a late-starting entrepreneur

    • 23 Aug 2022
    • John Thornhill

    For more than 30 years as a journalist at the Financial Times, I have been fascinated by business. Then, I decided to launch one. For almost as long, I have inwardly groaned when reading simplistic, seven-point cheat sheets to start-up success. So, I decided to write one.

  • being a manager

    Why being a manager matters more than ever

    • 2 Aug 2022
    • Andrew Hill

    Management matters. Above all, managers matter. If nothing else, when managers fail, things have a tendency to go wrong.

  • digital providers

    Business schools vie with digital providers for a slice of corporate training

    • 17 May 2022
    • Andrew Jack

    As she tilts her head to one side, crosses her arms defensively and raises her voice irritably, “Lisa” describes how she berated one of her team before conceding that her aggressive approach would likely backfire.

  • Smart people understand why it pays to swear at work

    • 24 Sep 2019
    • Pilita Clark

    Researchers say people who swear can seem more honest, credible and persuasive

  • Hire Power – How to use Strategic Resourcing to Sharpen Your Competitive Edge

    • 29 Nov 2017
    • Alastair Blair

    Hire Power will get CEOs thinking and is essential reading for everyone along the recruitment industry supply chain who wants to understand the challenges that a head of resourcing faces.

  • Tech entrepreneurs, leaders and managers

    • 3 Nov 2017
    • Kai Murray

    The UK needs many more IT innovators yet it’s not the lack of entrepreneurs with ideas that holds us back.

  • Successful leaders only do three things…

    • 30 Aug 2017
    • Kai Murray

    Kai Murray of Shirlaws Group explains the essential elements of leadership.

  • Getting senior management to buy into procurement.

    • 31 Jul 2017
    • Fabienne Lesbros

    Getting senior management to buy into procurement

  • Executive books for the beach: what are senior management reading on holiday this summer?

    • 11 Jul 2017
    • James Dunne

    Executive books for the beach: what are senior management reading on holiday this summer?

  • Diversity & Inclusion: Words or actions

    • 17 Jun 2017
    • Andrew Wilkinson

    Diversity & Inclusion: Words or actions

  • Agile working: put your faith in the (female) workforce and you’ll get productivity back in spades.

    • 13 May 2017
    • Andrew Kennedy

    Agile working: put your faith in the (female) workforce and you’ll get productivity back in spades.

  • The HRD in the technological age

    • 9 Apr 2017
    • Bill Mitchell

    Why HRDs need to grasp the opportunity to use technology to their advantage. People are not necessarily an organisation's greatest asset?

  • Bringing different but dynamic skill sets to the market

    • 2 Apr 2017
    • Charlie Johnston

    Bringing a different but dynamic skill set to the recruitment market: a guest blog from Paratus Executive for exec-appointments.