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  • digital providers

    Business schools vie with digital providers for a slice of corporate training

    • 17 May 2022
    • Andrew Jack

    As she tilts her head to one side, crosses her arms defensively and raises her voice irritably, “Lisa” describes how she berated one of her team before conceding that her aggressive approach would likely backfire.

  • freelancers

    Contractors in UK can escape tax if new hiring rules are misapplied

    • 10 May 2022
    • Emma Agyemang, Global Tax Correspondent

    Tens of thousands of freelancers working in the UK private sector are entitled to reclaim all the tax they have paid if their hirer misapplies new rules governing payment of contractors, the tax authority has admitted.

  • tribal

    Why a more tribal work life might be a good thing

    • 10 May 2022
    • Gillian Tett

    Many of us in America and Europe are tiptoeing back into the office. For some, it’s a relief; for others, a curse. Either way, as we reacclimatise it is worth considering how the Covid-19 lockdowns have increased our tendency to be tribal beings.

  • job resignation

    The Great Resignation: Challenges in Financial Recruitment

    • 12 Apr 2022
    • John Carson

    Learn how companies plan to attract top financial professionals in a disrupted market.

  • characters working on laptops

    Remote work: how Ireland’s tax laws clash with new reality

    • 14 Dec 2021
    • Jude Webber

    Regulations due to be reimposed next year could end homeworking for cross-border staff employed by Northern Irish companies.

  • Indian Business man leading team meeting

    The evolution of the chief diversity officer

    • 10 Nov 2021
    • Emma Jacobs

    It is the newest senior leadership function in many organisations but the role can be hard to navigate.

  • soccer ball

    Ted Lasso’s leadership lessons

    • 10 Nov 2021
    • Pilita Clark

    The sweet-natured comedy shows that it pays to be a kind and decent manager.

  • diverse businesspeople in the meeting

    How to adapt your leadership to a multigenerational workplace

    • 8 Nov 2021
    • Sarah Drinkwater

    Creating a culture that can attract and retain staff of all ages is vital during a time of mass resignations.

  • Take long lunches, go home at four: tips for the modern boss

    • 8 Apr 2020

    Simon Kuper on how a new generation of CEOs has a different approach to life at the top

  • Would making salaries public help end disparities?

    • 8 Apr 2020

    Advocates for pay transparency say it would close the gender pay gap

  • Coronavirus may create lasting workplace change

    • 1 Apr 2020
    • Andrew Hill and Emma Jacobs

    Business leaders are thinking creatively to adapt to the evolving crisis

  • UK boardroom diversity improves but top jobs remain elusive

    • 8 Nov 2019
    • Cat Rutter Pooley

    With only five female chief executives in the FTSE 100, Britain lags behind France

  • Boss-less business is no workers’ paradise

    • 24 Oct 2019
    • Alicia Clegg

    Greater autonomy is a good thing but how well do truly democratic workplaces function?

  • Smart people understand why it pays to swear at work

    • 24 Sep 2019
    • Pilita Clark

    Researchers say people who swear can seem more honest, credible and persuasive

  • Investing in our Young Will Create a Better Workplace

    • 20 Feb 2019

    Investing in future generations of employees is crucial for the future say employers at the latest ‘The Future of the Workplace’ event held in Peterborough on the 24th January 2019.

  • How to manage the gig economy’s growing global jobs market

    • 21 Jan 2019
    • Sarah O’Connor

    Platforms focus on remote service sector work — think of eBay for human labour

  • Britain should recognise the value of low-paid workers

    • 21 Jan 2019
    • Sarah O’Connor

    The Brexit debate assumes that only highly skilled job vacancies need to be filled

  • Why women who go to university are winning

    • 21 Jan 2019
    • Sarah O’Connor

    The options for bright female non-graduates look worse than for comparably smart men

  • Workplace exhaustion is a vicious cycle in the UK

    • 12 Nov 2018
    • Sarah O’Connor

    Britons work harder and faster than French and Germans yet productivity is lower

  • Battle to recruit ESG specialists intensifies

    • 12 Nov 2018
    • Jennifer Thompson

    Applications are up but the right skills are hard for funds to find