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  • Enver Solomon

    Refugee Council’s Enver Solomon: ‘Leadership is something you’re constantly trying to improve’

    • 29 Nov 2022
    • Michael Skapinker

    Since Enver Solomon became chief executive of the Refugee Council in December 2020, Kabul has fallen to the Taliban and Russia has invaded Ukraine, both provoking a flood of refugees.

  • middle managers

    Middle managers — on the new front line of office life

    • 22 Nov 2022
    • Emma Jacobs

    In her middle manager role, Catherine says she has experienced “more pressure” since the start of the pandemic than ever before.

  • greater employee ownership

    Greater employee ownership can make work fairer

    • 15 Nov 2022
    • Pete Stavros

    My story used to be a familiar one. I’m a first-generation college graduate from a hardworking, blue-collar family.

  • Working from home debates must include what ‘home’ actually is

    • 8 Nov 2022
    • Emma Jacobs

    Coming down with Covid was an unlikely source of relief last week. I did not have to weigh up whether to venture out to the 40C streets of London with my laptop on my back to get to the prize: an air-conditioned office.

  • side gig

    Does your boss need to know about your side hustle?

    • 1 Nov 2022
    • Isabel Berwick, Sophia Smith

    Having a side job outside of your nine-to-five is not simply a matter of extra time and energy. You’ll also have to determine when to disclose your new endeavour to your boss — if your company allows you to pursue it at all.

  • executive coach

    Why an executive coach is now a must-have for CEOs

    • 25 Oct 2022
    • Emma Jacobs

    Leading a company “can be a lonely place”, observes the chief executive of a British retail chain, who wants to remain anonymous. “But this was magnified further during the pandemic.”

  • office return stalls

    Office return stalls as UK staff cling to flexible working

    • 18 Oct 2022
    • Daniel Thomas, Ella Hollowood, Kate Beioley, Stephen Morris

    The return of workers to offices in the UK has stalled for the first time since the easing of Covid-19 restrictions, sparking frustration among some bosses even as their staff welcome new policies of hybrid working.

  • age taboo

    The age taboo in workplaces means we miss out on talent

    • 11 Oct 2022
    • Camilla Cavendish

    Would you apply for a job which requires you to be “dynamic” or a “digital native”? If you’re over 40, it might not be worth bothering.

  • future of hiring

    The future of hiring is all about skills

    • 4 Oct 2022
    • Isabel Berwick, Sophia Smith

    I’ve been thinking a lot about age, and ageing, at work.

  • civil servants

    Civil servants under pressure to get back to desks

    • 27 Sep 2022
    • George Parker

    Ministers have been told to increase pressure on UK civil servants to return to their desks, as the revolution in Whitehall’s post-Covid working patterns in the era of flexible working has become clear.

  • older workers

    Where have all the older workers gone and will they ever come back?

    • 20 Sep 2022
    • Pilita Clark

    Not that long ago I found myself at a lunch in the middle of London where a well known British business figure said something unexpected about the menace of rising inflation.

  • sweet spot

    Working It: Can you speak your mind in the office?

    • 13 Sep 2022
    • Isabel Berwick, Sophia Smith

    Last week, The Intercept reported that Amazon would ban words like “union,” “compensation” and “diversity” from an internal employee messaging system which is set to pilot later this month.

  • perils

    The perils of overlooking women of a certain age

    • 6 Sep 2022
    • Pilita Clark

    Around this time last year, a British woman named Nicky Clark was getting ready to do something that middle-aged women did in droves during the pandemic: quit.

  • sibling rivalries

    Sibling rivalries, spousal squabbles — it’s great to be back in the office

    • 30 Aug 2022
    • Emma Jacobs

    After almost two years of working at home with my family, it’s good to finally spend quality time with my office relatives.

  • seven lessons

    Seven lessons from a late-starting entrepreneur

    • 23 Aug 2022
    • John Thornhill

    For more than 30 years as a journalist at the Financial Times, I have been fascinated by business. Then, I decided to launch one. For almost as long, I have inwardly groaned when reading simplistic, seven-point cheat sheets to start-up success. So, I decided to write one.

  • working it

    Working It: Welcome to the new world of work

    • 16 Aug 2022
    • Isabel Berwick, Sophia Smith

    Hello, and welcome to the new Working It newsletter.

  • alumni networks

    Are you in on the secret? Why alumni networks are flourishing

    • 9 Aug 2022
    • Sophia Smith

    It was a little bit like getting an invite to a secret after-party.

  • being a manager

    Why being a manager matters more than ever

    • 2 Aug 2022
    • Andrew Hill

    Management matters. Above all, managers matter. If nothing else, when managers fail, things have a tendency to go wrong.

  • chef's training

    What my chef’s training taught me about journalism

    • 26 Jul 2022
    • Madison Darbyshire

    The challenge of hiking in Scotland, I discovered in the Highlands with absolutely no one else around, is that the weather can change in a flash.

  • save the planet

    Jobs that will help save the planet

    • 19 Jul 2022
    • Alexandra Heal

    Evelina Olago spent her childhood in both Kenya and Ukraine, and it was the stark contrast she observed in the two countries’ economic development that inspired her career.