The consumerisation of recruitment is happening now

Written by: Resource Solutions
Published on: 7 Jun 2019

Source: Resource Solutions

Today we live in a world where everything we want is at our fingertips. We can track the toppings as they’re placed on our takeaway pizza, book the best room with a sea-view on our holiday and ask robots to turn up our heating. By using AI and machine learning, our devices can tell us what we want before we know we want it. Technology has given us the power, not only to purchase products and services, but also to enable us to become more savvy, informed and educated.

This rapid adoption of tech in consumerism is now transforming the way recruiters attract, engage and inspire candidates across the entire candidate journey. Predictive analytics, social sourcing, semantic search or chatbot screening – knowing which tools and technology will most improve the candidate experience can at times be overwhelming. And exactly how much of this do candidates really expect.

The research showed that 94% of candidates feel the recruitment experience affects their decision to accept or reject an offer. It also found that 58% of candidates feel that a good recruitment process experience will make them more likely to accept a role.

It reveals the gap between candidate expectations and the reality of what employers and talent acquisition teams are delivering. It examines the expectation economy and candidate expectations at every stage of the recruitment journey and explores the trends, technology, tools and techniques that can shape your hiring strategy and build a more engaged workforce.

Artificial Intelligence is now revolutionising how recruiters match people to jobs. Chatbots are taking the candidate experience to whole new levels of engagement and a vast array of tools can now ‘read’ job descriptions and locate suitable candidates at breakneck speeds, with impressive levels of accuracy. There are even algorithms that can determine which candidates are more likely to change jobs.

Brands are beginning to build talent pools that operate like members-only clubs. Careers websites with ‘sneak peeks’, office tours, coaching and employee insights are driving a more transparent and authentic candidate experience.

Enterprise-wide, ‘People Analytics’ continues to evolve, further empowering business decisions with credible insight and data. And these only scratch the surface of what’s possible when it comes to creating the frictionless experience that candidates expect.

There may always be fear and a certain amount of risk associated with the adoption of new technology but the benefits usually outweigh the risks. Embracing the use of disruptive and innovative recruitment methods allows recruiters and employers more time to focus on the strategic imperative of creating closer human relationships with their candidates.

For a copy of the full report from Resource Solutions click on this link.