The bare facts about executive appointments

Written by: Steve Playford
Published on: 27 Sep 2015

We are often told the world of recruitment is changing faster than ever before, with job-boards’ future regularly questioned, albeit usually by people who have a vested interest in saying that sort of thing, but how many of us stop to look at the facts rather than merely accepting the hype? 

For example, the job-board doom-mongers conveniently ignore the fact that such sites are still the number one port of call for many job-seekers, as we shall demonstrate in a future blog post.  In fact one such article (“Job boards are dead and the future of recruiting in social”), from December 2013, rather spoiled its argument by admitting (buried in the detail) that job-boards accounted for six times as many hires as social media!  Those proportions have changed since then and no-one seriously doubts that social media are important in augmenting and on occasions directly influencing candidates’ and recruiters’ actions, but similarly no-one (or at least no-one objective) believes that job-boards are not an important element of the recruitment landscape. conducts regular research into this market. Yes, we have a vested interest too, but nonetheless, as you’d expect from a Financial Times company, we conduct these surveys with an independence and vigour that leaves no stone unturned. 

Over the next few weeks, we’ll look at what our most recent research tells us, and how it helps inform the debate about recruitment media and, more importantly, how it helps the 250,000 people registered with us and seeking a prime, executive-level career move.

Let’s start by looking at some of the things we’re doing to help improve our technology.  For a start, the site is now fully responsive, meaning it is much easier to use on your mobile. We’ve seen a 19% uplift in new users since the new mobile site was launched.

Now let’s look at our audience.  Over one third (36%) of our audience is C-suite, and 77% of these are unique to exec-appointments. Almost two-thirds (62%) are business decision makers (29% are tech decision makers), 71% work for an international company and, correspondingly, 79% are regular international business travellers.  Some 43% work in a company of over 1,000 employees.

Clearly, in a refined market such as ours, quality is as, if not more, important than quantity. normally carries more than 1,000 jobs at any one time; far fewer than the generalist job boards of course, but these are vacancies for key decision makers, the present (and future) C-suite leaders of our major industries and government departments.

Our most recent survey follows on from previous research in 2010 and 2012. The online research, carried out in March this year, elicited a response from a statistically robust sample of over 3,600 exec-appointments’ users. That will form the subject of a number of future, standalone blogs – and, if we say so ourselves, we think you’ll find it interesting reading!

Steve Playford, Global Director, FT Career Management